Fire Safety Regulations; who is responsible for your workplace?

Fire Safety Regulations; who is responsible for your workplace?

Safety should be a top concern for every workplace. Whilst Triangle Fire Safety repeats this throughout our articles and website, it’s often difficult for a business to understand who is exactly responsible for the safety of the working environment.

Please note that this article is focusing on low-risk workplaces. Workplaces with high-risk – such as those that require confined space training – have more safety procedures than ones that are low-risk.

Sure, we could say that every person within the workplace is responsible to an extent, but without one allocated person or several persons it’s difficult to create an effective safety solution. Fire safety regulations must be followed in order to be effective, and unfortunately it’s incredibly difficult to create an organised solution when no single person is dedicated to construct it.

So who is responsible for the workplace? According to the government’s website it is; the employer, the owner, the landlord, and/or anyone with control of the premises. If there is more than one of the aforementioned, they are all responsible for the workplace and must work amongst themselves to create an effective solution.

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This also applies to shared premises. Although the landlord, freeholder, or managing agent of this shared area must be responsible for following fire safety regulations.

If those people fail to take responsibility for this, they could either be fined or could potentially face imprisonment. Such responsibilities include; creating a clear escape route in the event of an incident, and ensuring it is clearly marked with signage and emergency lights.

It’s also particularly important that if anyone is disabled arrangements are made for them to exit the premises safely and quickly. Such as people being available to help them down stairs etc.

If you are interested in safety signage for your workplace, general equipment (such as fire extinguishers), risk assessments, safety training, or anything your workplace could require for its safety; Triangle Fire Safety is here to help. We can provide your workplace with all of its requirements, and ensure you stay compliant with rules and fire safety regulations.