Horse rescue at The New Forest Show

Horse rescue at The New Forest Show

Triangle Fire Safety was busy with The New Forest & Hampshire County Show at the end of July; as the team provided safety support whilst Brad (company director) was busy overseeing both the operation and needs of the site. We also introduced our sister company, EquiProtect, with a trade stand demonstrating fire safety within equine and rural establishments.

The New Forest & Hampshire County Show is one of Hampshire’s biggest events, and attracts an average of 95,000 visitors annually. With such a huge amount of visitors, it’s essential that safety is treated with the utmost respect. Not only during the show, but also during the organisation process.

The lack of incidents during The New Forest & Hampshire County Show 2016 was a result of months of extensive planning, ensuring any issues are resolved before they even have a chance to arise.

On the Wednesday one incident did occur after a horse became distressed whilst in a transport lorry. Triangle Fire Safety was called, and attended the situation. The team took care of the driver – giving reassurance and explaining how the situation would be handled – prior to the horse rescue taking place.

Triangle Fire Safety New Forest Show


Luckily, the Hampshire Fire & Rescue’s Animal Rescue team were on site, so Triangle Fire Safety assisted until they could arrive. A vet from the event was able to give the horse a mild sedation, and the Animal Rescue removed the breast bar from the lorry before releasing the horse from the box.

We are pleased to say that no other incidents occurred.

Situations such as these relatively common, and a similar incident occurred at a separate event in Hampshire only months before the New Forest Show. These occurrences show the importance of having safety specialists available on site, not only for fire safety but for other safety concerns as well.

Triangle Fire Safety’s team is made up of people direct from Fire Services across the UK; their rigorous training within the Fire Services allows them to work seamlessly together and with other agencies.