Fire Protection

Triangle Fire Safety is, as our name suggests, a fire safety company. Our high-quality services ensure that our clients have diminished the risks of their workplace, allowing them to maximize their safety.

Our main services include:

By assessing your property and any potential risks, we help improve your workplace’s overall safety. Our rigorous testing can give you peace of mind that you have no immediate threats.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection - Safety Training

Our range of training helps employees become prepared for the event of a fire, in addition to being more aware of any fire risks. As with all of our services, training is bespoke and tailored to each of our clients’ needs.

By providing a stress-free safety service, we ensure that our customers’ events run smoothly and without disruption. We are experienced in Events Safety Management, and have aided larger events such as the New Forest Show.

Fire Protection - Events Safety Management

Fire Protection - Safety Equipment

It’s important to make sure you’re prepared with the correct equipment for the event of a fire. Our equipment is provided by brands we trust, because our clients’ safety is our top priority.

Based in the New Forest, we understand the dangers that arise in rural and equine working environments. Triangle Fire Safety’s familiarity of these fire risks allow us to provide a high-quality safety services, helping your premises, livestock, equipment and employees stay safe.

Triangle Fire Safety - Fire Marshall
Triangle Fire Safety - Training
Triangle Fire Safety - fire protection
Triangle Fire Safety - Rural Fire Safety (controlled fire)
Triangle Fire Safety - Fire training

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fire protection

Safety should be one of every company’s highest priorities, and must be taken extremely seriously. If it isn’t, it could result in an unsafe working environment, putting the workforce and equipment at risk.

Triangle Fire Safety strives to help companies create a safer working environment. We provide effective solutions to safeguard the workplace, minimizing risk and making sure you stay compliant with safety regulations.

From risk assessments to our training courses, Triangle Fire Safety strives to decrease risk and educate companies on how to prepare for the event of a fire.

Additionally, unlike other fire safety companies, we appreciate that every workplace is unique. Our services are tailored for each client, because we understand that every working environment provides its own risks. Using our bespoke safety services maximizes safety.

For optimal safety and security, we recommend that you take advantage of as many of our services as possible. This will allow us to create as many safety precautions as possible, diminishing the hazards of the workplace.

Fire Protection