Risk Assessments

Every workplace has its own risks. Identifying these risks is often difficult, and failing to properly resolve the issue can result in people potentially becoming injured. Triangle Fire Safety’s risk assessments are an effective way of reducing the hazards of your workplace.

The fire service attends over one hundred and fifty thousand fires every year. By using Triangle Fire Safety’s Risk Assessment service, you ensure that your company is protected from any incidents occurring.

Risk Assessments

Ensuring you comply with safety regulations at your workplace.

Preventing a fire is safer and easier than attempting to fight it once it’s developed. Utilising our Risk Assessment services is an effective way of helping minimise the possibility of a fire.

Our Fire Risk Assessments ensure that your company is complying with legal requirements and is creating a safe work environment. We assess vigorously, because we want to provide our clients with highest safety standards possible.

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495,400 incidents attended by local authorities within the last year. Risk assessing can help prevent you from being amongst this statistic.

We take fire safety seriously, because if we fail to provide excellence it could result in our clients being at risk, even in low-risk workplaces.

Triangle Fire Safety’s reliable team provides a high-quality and cost-effective service, helping you keep as safe as possible for minimal costs. We strive to improve our clients’ safety, and our risk assessments are just one of the services we supply.

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Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Equipment Checks

Triangle Fire Safety also provides fire extinguisher servicing and equipment checks.

Making sure that your fire extinguishers are fully serviced increases the longevity of the device and ensures it operates safely. If it isn’t serviced and the event of a fire arises, the extinguisher may be useless or dangerous.

If it isn’t serviced by a professional, the fire extinguisher may be useless or dangerous in the event of a fire. The inner workings of different fire extinguisher types differ greatly, which is why servicing needs to be completed by a professional. Each type requires its own servicing, and by doing this it can greatly enhance the lifespan of the device.

Safety Training Courses

In addition to Risk Assessments, we can also educate employees about fire safety with our range of training courses, such as our Basic Fire Awareness and Fire Warden/Marshal training.

Whilst risk assessments help minimise workplace fire risks, they are unable to prevent everyday hazards. Having staff members trained in fire safety is an effective way of safeguarding your business.

All of our Safety Training Courses are bespoke for each client, which delivers the best fire safety solutions for each customer at a cost-effective price.

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