Rural and Equine Safety Services

In rural areas, safety should be a high priority. Based in the New Forest, we are familiar with the dangers that arise in rural and equine working environments.

What safety services do we offer rural and equine environments?

  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Safety Equipment
  • PAT Testing
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Retardant Coating
  • Safety Training
  • Safety Signage
  • Risk Assessments

The unfortunate reality of rural settings is that they’re often secluded, which could potentially result in a delayed response time from the Fire and Rescue Service. If the fire services believe that there isn’t a life risk, they may prioritise other incidents over yours. The longer you wait, the more the fire can expand. It’s important that you have the necessary fire precautions in place.

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Fire Safety Equipment, including; Sprinkler Systems, Safety Signage, Fire Extinguishers, and Safety Signs.

Triangle Fire Safety has a range of different items available for rural homes and workplaces to use to help protect their property from accidental fires or damage. From our anti-fire systems (such as sprinkler systems or fire retardant coating), to our general safety services (such as PAT testing); Triangle Fire Safety aims to create an effective safety solution.

We are an experienced team, and this knowledge helps create a bespoke system specifically for your property that helps safeguard against any unfortunate incidents.

In addition to our fire safety services, we can provide signage for your property to help inform customers and employees of the safety precautions in place. Our safety signage is able to keep your workplace compliant with equine safety regulations.

Fire Safety Training For Employees

Due to our expertise, we can ensure our customers that their business is able to comply with safety regulations and insurer’s requirements.

Our training services are a great way to improve workplace safety. We supply a range of training courses, including Basic Risk Awareness and Fire Warden/Marshal Training. By improving employees’ understanding of fire risks, you can minimise the possibility of a real fire occurring.

Preventing a fire is both safer and simpler than attempting to extinguish a real flame. Our training services can help promote safety in the workplace, resulting in a reduced chance of any incidents happening. We provide high-quality training and make sure our customers have the best standards possible.

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