Safety Courses; Fire Safety Training, Confined Space Training, First Aid, Manual Handling, and More.

At Triangle Fire Safety, we believe that employees are every company’s most valuable asset. Safety should be a top priority, and our range of services can improve employee safety at the workplace. From fire safety training to first aid, we provide a range of courses to help your employees prevent injury.

Some of our safety courses:

fire safety training

Fire Awareness Training

Our Fire Awareness Training helps increase employee awareness of fire hazards and educating them on how to approach potential fire risks, providing basic fire safety training.

fire safety training

Fire Marshal/Warden Training

Specialised training for fire marshals. A practical course, helping the fire marshal have a more extensive understanding of firefighting.

fire safety training

First Aid Courses

Having a member of staff trained in first aid could save a life. Triangle Fire Safety can provide excellent first aid training tailored to your working environment.

fire safety training

Confined Space Training

Confined workplaces can be extremely dangerous, and making sure employees have adequate training is vital.

fire safety training

Manual Handling

Manual handling injuries account for a large amount of employee accidents every year, making sure staff are properly trained is a necessary precaution to avoid accidents.

fire safety training

Mining and Oil Safety

We are experienced in helping mining and oil companies improve the safety of their workplaces.

Bespoke Training To Suit Your Company’s Unique Requirements

We create bespoke fire safety training for each company, because every industry is unique and will require its own methods for optimal effectivity. Every business provides its own risks, so it’s important that we create the necessary precautions for the best results possible.

By tailoring our training services for each customer, we minimise risk and help create the most cost-effective solutions possible.

Our team provides excellent training, because our clients’ safety is our highest priority. Preventing a fire or injury at the workplace is easier and safer than attempting to deal with a real incident, which is why we strive to provide our customers with fire safety training services that are capable of safeguarding their company.

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We have trained on an international scale, displaying our ability to deliver high-quality fire safety training irrelevant of the job’s size.

With approximately six hundred and twenty thousand injuries happening in 2014, it’s important that employees are provided with a high-standard of workplace safety. Triangle Fire Safety’s training services can help staff members be prepared for the event of an incident, and have a greater understanding of what to do in the event of an accident.