We can make sure that you’ve taken every possible action necessary to safeguard your working environment from hazards. The more Triangle Fire Safety services you use, the more your company is protected and has reduced the probability of a hazard escalating.

Triangle Fire Safety endeavours to help companies create safe working environments and diminish risks. Whist we specialise in fire safety, Triangle Fire Safety’s services expand further.

From Fire Risk Assessments to first aid courses, Triangle Fire Safety’s high-quality services can create safer workplaces and help companies safeguard against hazards. This keeps your premises, staff and equipment safe, because all of your assets are valuable and it’s important to protect them from accidents.

Our fire safety services can help you stay compliant to both legal regulations and insurance requirements.

Training Courses:

As a fire safety company we are able to minimize the risk of a fire occurring. Our training courses educate employees on the potential risks of their workplace, which allows them to eliminate a hazard before it develops.

In the event of a fire, our training courses can help employees understand how to approach the danger and (if safe to do so) use basic firefighting skills to prevent the fire from spreading.

In addition to fire safety, Triangle Fire Safety also provides some general safety services to decrease potential accidents in the workplace. We believe that staff are every company’s most valuable asset, and our safety services are an effective way of protecting them.

Having a first aider available at the workplace is a great way to increase overall safety. In the case of an incident, having a first aider could make the difference between life and death.

In addition to first aid courses, our manual handling training is an effective way of reducing the possibility of an injury occurring at work.

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